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Current NZDAA Members
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See below for definitions or Restricted and Unrestricted Demolition works
4Sight – Part of SLR
ACM Removals Ltd
ANZ Enviro Pty Ltd
AP Demolition Limited t/a Waikato Demolition
ARL Solutions Limited
ATL Group Ltd
Abestos Advice Northern Region
Accredited Asbestos Specialists Ltd (AASL)
Action Property Services
Alien Home Ltd
Alpha Demolition Limited
Asbestos Removals Marlborough
Asbestos Consultants NZ Ltd
Asbestos Environmental Consultants
Asbestos Free Ltd
Asbestos Property Solutions
Asbestos Removal Technicians Limited
Asbestos Removals Marlborough
Asbestos Surveys & Monitoring NZ Ltd
At Pace Solutions Limited
Azzie Specialist Ltd
Barfoote Construction Whangarei Ltd
Beacon Safety
C2K Projects Limited
CSS Contaminated Site Solutions Limited
Canterbury Demolition and Earthmoving Ltd
Capital Environmental Services
Central Demolition
Ceres New Zealand LLC
City Salvage Contractors
Clear Air Asbestos Management Ltd
Coleman Consulting
Comex Limited
Cornerstone Demolition
Demasol Ltd
Demolition 1 Limited
Direct Hazmat Consultants
Dominion Constructors Ltd
Edwards & Hardy Roofing
Endless Metals
Environmental Services NZ Ltd
Falcon Ridge Safety Group
Fibresafe NZ Ltd
Frews Contracting Ltd
GGL site development - earthmoving ltd.
GRUN Asbestos and Demolition Limited
Green Way Ltd
Harcourt Insulation 2006 Ltd
Henderson Demolition Ltd
Hill Laboratories Ltd
Identify Consulting
Jurgens Demolition
Kennards Hire
Kidd Contracting
Licensed Asbestos Assessors NZ Limited
MBC Environmental Solutions
Maxion Civil (BCG Civil Limited)
McMahon Services New Zealand Limited
Mutual Construction
Mutual Construction Group
NPM Remediation Ltd
Nikau Contractors Ltd
Overwatch Solutions Limited
Precise Limited
Property Risk NZ
Protectus Limited
Reliable Contracting Group (RCG)
Ryal Bush Transport
SQN Consulting
Scope Group Ltd
Shamrock Recruitment Group
Sline Demolition Ltd
Southern Cross Asbestos Removal
Southern Demolition & Salvage Ltd
Southern Insulation
TBS Farnsworth Ltd
Team dh ltd
TechClean & Restoration
The Roofing Specialists Limited
Toro Limited
Unitec - ESRC
Waikato Demolition Ltd
Ward Demolition
Yakka Contracting Ltd
biOx International

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Restricted Demolition

Restricted demolition within New Zealand involves medium to high risk activities directly related to restricted demolition operations.

Restricted Demolition Work includes:

  • demolition of a structure under 3 storeys (or 15 metres – whichever is lowest) in height not requiring consent;

  • demolition of a structure under 3 storeys (or 15 metres – whichever is lowest) that is not attached to another structure (excluding garages, sheds, lean-to’s and carports);

  • internal demolition work of non-structural items in a structure of any height.

Unrestricted Demolition

Un-Restricted demolition operations within New Zealand involves high risk activities directly related to the demolition, dismantling or decommissioning of structures over 15 meters in height or those of a complex construction or hazardous environment.

Un-Restricted Demolition Work includes:

  • demolition of a structure under 3 storeys (or 15m 􀍴 whichever is lowest) that has been deemed by engineering or other authority to be “high risk”

  • demolition of a structure over 3 storeys (or 15 meters 􀍴 whichever is lowest) in height requiring consent

  • demolition of a structure that is attached to another structure of any height requiring consent

  • demolition of a structure listed as a heritage or character building requiring consent

  • demolition within a chemical, oil, or gas installation of a structure of any height

  • demolition involving a tower crane

  • demolition involving a mobile crane with a rated capacity of more than 100 tonnes

  • demolition that has structural components that are pre-tensioned or post-tensioned

  • demolition requiring floor propping

  • demolition using explosives 

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