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The NZDAA is currently conducting an extensive and systematic review of its Demolition Guidelines (2011)

to reflect best practice. While this review is being done, the 2011 guideline still apply. 


By registering here for further information or by purchasing and downloading the 2011 guideline,

you will receive updates on the progress of the guides.

Key points in the review:

  • Dividing the documents into distinct separable potions or either Restricted or Unrestricted demolition 

  • To identify and consider the implications of New Zealand legislation to demolition and develop reasonably practicable methods of compliance for contractors and other stakeholders

  • To review the quality of the practical measures within the document to ensure consistency with international good practice


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Restricted Demolition Work includes:

  • demolition of a structure under 3 storeys (or 15 meters – whichever is lowest) in height not requiring consent

  • demolition of a structure under 3 storeys (or 15 meters – whichever is lowest) that is not attached to another structure (excluding garages, sheds, lean-to’s, and carports)

  • internal demolition work of non-structural items in a structure of any height

Restricted works specifically exclude all demolition works defined as un-restricted.

Un-Restricted Demolition Work includes:

  • demolition of a structure over 3 storeys (or 15 metres – whichever is lowest) in height requiring consent

  • demolition of a structure that is attached to another structure of any height requiring consent

  • demolition of a structure listed as a heritage or character building requiring consent

  • demolition within a chemical, oil or gas installation

  • demolition involving a tower crane

  • demolition involving a mobile crane with a rated capacity of more than 100 tonnes

  • demolition that has structural components that are pre-tensioned or post-tensioned

  • demolition requiring floor propping

  • demolition using explosives

Unrestricted works does not include the salvage operations of ships or offshore assets, which is a highly skilled and technical operation. In respects to ships, the Association recommends that guidance as outlined in the U.S. Navy Salvage Manuals be referred to.

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