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Media Release

December 2021


New Zealand Demolition and Asbestos Association announce ground-breaking research into the state of the

Asbestos Industry and Management within New Zealand

The New Zealand Demolition and Asbestos Association is proud to announce its major research project investigating the changes that have occurred within the nation’s asbestos industry over the past 5 years since the introduction of the HSWA and Asbestos Regulations.  


Asbestos management and removal is one of the most polarising issues within the Construction arena, and the industry has to contend with being one of the heaviest regulated industries within New Zealand. The subject matter touches business, regulators, workers and communities, and it is hoped that the final report will provide unique insight into the industry; the economic, regulatory and social environment, it’s stakeholders and challenges.  


The final report, which is anticipated to be completed the middle of 2022 will be a foundation document for practical and targeted measures to support the Industry to improve its practices, and the Association intends on making it freely available as essential health and safety information.


The research will examine all sectors of the Industry and consult with a wide range of stakeholders, from building owners, head contractors to surveyors, removalists and, importantly, the workers, to answer those pertinent questions “what has changed?”, “have we improved?” and “how can we get better?”.


“ We are obviously excited as an Industry to commission this report. We wanted a robust and honest assessment of our Industry, how we intertwine with our community and clients, and our relationships with our workers. A report that would be relevant for five years or more. Our members want to improve – the status quo is no longer economically, environmentally and socially acceptable. We know that there are issues, but they are largely anecdotal; we need evidence and data, so we can appropriately target the NZDAA’s resources. It was extremely important for the NZDAA to engage someone who has the credibility to ask those difficult questions. Mike [Cosman] is well respected for his knowledge, expertise and integrity, therefore represents the ideal person to lead this initiative” says Helina Stil, President of the NZDAA.


Mike Cosman, Senior Health and Safety Consultant of Cosman Parkes, has 42 years’ experience in health and safety with a specific focus on asbestos through his career as a regulator, policy maker and consultant both in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.  


Mike has an impressive track record of carrying out independent reviews as he was a member of the Taskforce post Pike River and also the Forestry Safety Review. Mike says ' the success of the project will come from the cooperation of all those involved in the industry from clients, professional services providers, contractors, laboratories, landfills and regulators. This will largely be a qualitative review as little objective data is collected around some of the key success criteria-such as the quality and value of pre-demolition surveys or the monitoring of ARCPs. If the industry wants to learn and improve it will have to be willing to open the box and reveal the good, the bad and the ugly!’. 

“We’ve had discussions with stakeholders such as WorkSafe, MBIE, ACC, EPA, Unitec  and FAMANZ and they support the intent of the project. While this is an NZDAA lead initiative, we want it to be inclusive and collaborative to optimise the opportunity this presents.  Given the scale of this project it will be more important to spend time getting to speak to the right people, especially workers so we will be creating a confidential feedback and commentary portal for anyone who wants to contribute”  Stil adds


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Media Release

November 2021



The NZDAA and FAMANZ announces the signing of a new MOU cementing a pledge to work together to improve outcomes for Asbestos Management and Remediation in New Zealand.



The New Zealand Demolition and Asbestos Association (NZDAA) and the Faculty of Asbestos Management of Australia and New Zealand (FAMANZ) are pleased to announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate and share information.


The agreement allows for improved coordination for both the NZDAA and FAMANZ and encourages members to learn from each other and exchange best practice creating benefits by increasing the industry’s performance. It also allows for respective members to access mutual benefits and provides a platform for consultation and collaboration between the two organisations on specific initiatives.


The MOU will foster a productive and more connected Asbestos Industry, facilitating innovation, cooperation and be a mechanism for long term, sustainable growth.


“We are excited to take this first step with FAMANZ and the opportunity to leverage the resources, strengths, and knowledge of both organisations that will provide better outcomes for the Asbestos Industry, our members, stakeholders and the wider community. Both organisations have a wealth of expertise, FAMANZ and NZDAA members represent all sectors of the Asbestos Industry, and FAMANZ is respected for their commitment to innovation, and quality, so they are an ideal partner for our Association to work with” says Helina Stil, President of the NZDAA.


”We are looking forward to working with NZDAA to share and increase knowledge and improve health outcomes for all stakeholders.  FAMANZ have members across Australia and New Zealand and have the ability to draw on a wide range of expertise to upskill members.  We are pleased we can share this knowledge more freely with NZDAA now we have the MoU in place” says Bridgette Jennings, Chairperson of the FAMANZ. 


About the NZDAA:

The NZDAA was established to maintain and extend the interests of the professional Demolition and Asbestos Industry throughout New Zealand. Its principals are to promote; through leadership; excellent commercial health, safety, environmental and quality performance for better outcomes for workers, businesses, and the community. NZDAA membership comprises of over 80 businesses from all sectors of the demolition and asbestos industry, servicing all regions of New Zealand. Members represent more than $600 million of collective turnover, and nearly 1,000 full-time jobs.


FAMANZ was established to connect all members of the asbestos industry in Australia and New Zealand to share and learn from our shared experiences, especially given our similar Regulations. FAMANZ members encompass occupational hygienists, environmental consultants, asbestos removal contractors, building managers, Regulators (WHS and EPA), demolition contractors, waste handling contractors, industry suppliers, and allied industry members.  FAMANZ is a full member of HASANZ (Health and Safety Association of New Zealand). 


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