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The NZDAA would like to congratulate all winners of the 2022 Demolition & Asbestos Awards.

We would also like to thank everyone who took the time to enter.

Award Winners 2022

Winner: McMahon Services - Safety Certainty 2.0

The Safety Certainty Initiative 2.0 is designed to drive successful outcomes and lower levels of harm to our people and the environment. A key component of this initiative is the Safety 2.0 App. The development of the Safety 2.0 App by McMahon Services and its implementation in 2022 has streamlined the process and made it easier for workers at all levels of the company to access and use the system. The app brings together several health and safety initiatives into one easy-to-use app. The Safety 2.0 app provides quick and easy access with access gained by scanning QR-coded SIFER posters located in site smoko rooms and SLAM self-assessment cards issued on induction to the site. In addition to the App, there are countless other safety procedures that McMahon has implanted under Safety Certainty 2.0. The comprehensive and thorough approach instituted by the Safety Certainty 2.0 program has proven to effectively reduce serious incidents.

Winner: Ward Demolition - Harrison Road, St Johns

The Harrison Road project presented particular difficulties because of the large quantity of waste to be removed. The original waste pile was 14% of the structure, yet Ward was able to achieve only 7% of materials heading to the landfill with their effective waste strategy Ward Demolition took several measures to achieve this low percentage of waste. The first step was to find materials that could be salvaged and sold for reuse. Of the remaining waste, 74% was sent to a local recycling facility, where the materials would be repurposed. Despite a tight deadline, Ward Demolition went the extra mile and crushed around 3,500 tonnes of concrete directly onsite, recycling it back into the foundations of the new development. Ward Demolition’s processes earned them the first green star accreditation in New Zealand.

Winner: Grün Asbestos & Demolition - Remediation after asbestos contaminated fire

When Grün first took on the removal of approximately 3500m2 of asbestos from an abandoned tobacco factory in Motueka, there were already significant challenges to the site. The challenges only increased when Grün received a call that the factory was on fire. Grün was quick to respond to the urgent need. Grün immediately started work on remediation and cleaning of ash and asbestos debris from the main road. Grün then moved on to the full-scale remediation of neighbouring properties. The team at Grün worked tirelessly for weeks to complete the work and secure the safety of the neighbouring community.

Winner: McMahon Services - Naenae Pool & Community Hall
McMahon worked tirelessly in the demolition of the Naenae Pool and Community Hall. The project involved extensive asbestos removal, both of asbestos identified in the thorough asbestos survey carried out before the works commenced and on the job by a McMahon Services’ Class A supervisor. McMahon responded appropriately to the identification of asbestos and ensured safe practices were followed. The same diligence was exhibited in McMahon’s efforts to crush 13,000 tonnes of concrete for use as backfill on site. The recycle rate for this project was over 90%.

Winner: Grün Asbestos & Demolition

The Contractor of the Year award is presented to the company that the judging panel believes to be the best from all of the entries they have submitted. All entries from across all categories are considered, and it is not limited to one specific entry or the winners of a specific category.

Winner: Ceres New Zealand - Wadestown Substation

Ceres responded to Wellington Electricity’s urgent need and cleaned a trench in a live substation in 2 hours. This work was essential to ensure work could be carried out to prevent a power cut. The time frame was a significant challenge to Ceres, with only 2 hours to remove the asbestos and ensure the area was safe for work. In addition, Ceres had to ensure their staff were safe while working around a live transformer and other live cables. Ceres manages to complete the project in the timeframe and make the area safe for critical electrical works.

Winner: Archie Britz - Asbestos Consultants NZ
Archie is new to the industry but has already shown himself to be a keen employee, willing to go above and beyond for the company. Archie applies his mechanical background to new environments, bringing his unique skills to demolition and asbestos works. Archie focuses on customer satisfaction in all respects and brings a happy attitude to his workplace. Archie’s commitment to learning outside of his work hours and despite the tremendous challenges he faces is a testament to his work ethic, which is highly valued at Asbestos Consultants NZ.

Winner: Aaron O’Keefe – Asbestos Consultants NZ

Since starting in the asbestos industry, Aaron’s skill set and commitment to the industry has gone from strength to strength. Aaron is a talented assessor, praised for his detailed and clear reports. Aaron is an effective communicator, being firm, fair, and professional when instructing others about the safety procedures in place. Aaron was described as commanding respect and compliance, a highly beneficial trait for an assessor. The skills Aaron already illustrates this early into his career are commendable.

Winner: Kevin Gardiner - Grün Asbestos & Demolition

Kevin has a reputation for being a valued member of the South Island asbestos removal and demolition industry. Particularly in Christchurch, Kevin has tackled earthquakes, red zone, and heritage buildings as a reliable and valued member of his team. In a crisis, Kevin is calm and reassuring to the public. Kevin shows great care, consideration, and empathy for those around him. He uplifts the skills and knowledge of his teammates, and his enthusiastic sense of humour lifts morale when times are tough on site. Kevin was identified as a spokesperson for the demolition and asbestos industries, advocating for safe practices.

Winner: Beacon Safety

Gerald Dodson and the team at Beacon Safety were nominated because of their first-class service. Gerald was noted as having a cheery attitude and always going the extra-mile to ensure his customers are satisfied. Beacon Safety works immediately to fulfil requests and will even drive extensive distances to meet their customers where they are.

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