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What is Demolition?

Demolition by definition refers to the deconstruction, dismantling, wrecking, pulling, knocking or cutting down of any building, structure, edifice or plant. It plays an important role in the development and life of our cities and neighbourhoods. The Industry is continually making way for growth by removing dilapidated and hazardous structures to make our cities safer and giving them a new lease of life.


But as well as making way for the new, Demolition also assists in the preservation of the old, helping to restore the structural integrity of historical buildings so they stand strong for future generations to enjoy. Demolition also plays a critical role when it comes to natural disasters strengthening the efforts of first responders and assisting in the clean-up. 

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Demolition Best Practice  in New Zealand

We are currently working a refresh of our Best Practice Guidelines for Demolition.

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Demolition Training

Visit our training page for the latest course and updates on demolition training in New Zealand.

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