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Harcourt Insulation

One of the longest established asbestos removal companies in NZ. We have completed work from Antarctica to American Samoa as well as throughout New Zealand.

With 3 trained staff and multiple class A and class B holders we can meet project needs from the homeowner to highly sensitive sites such as Government House. Winners of the 2017 Asbestos or Demolition Best Practice Project Award 9under 2k) for our work with the Antarctic Heritage Trust at Scott Base. We have also completed multiple major high value projects spanning many months and over earthquake affected properties with EQC and Fletcher EQR.

Service locations:


☐Demolition under 2 storey
☐Demolition over 2 storey
☐Commercial demolition
☐Residential demolition
☐Staffing or recruitment

Demolition services:

Asbestos services:

☑Class A asbestos removal
☑Class B asbestos removal
☑Air monitoring
☐PPE, machinery, tools or supplies

Other services:

Methamphetamine decontamination, lead, mould




New Zealand Demolition & Asbestos Association

Unit 4, 57 Walls Road, Penrose, Auckland 1061 (at BlockWorks Shared Space) 

Phone: 0800 469 322      

Email: nzdaa@nzdaa.com

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